Bad Year, Good Music: My 13 Favorite Albums of 2017

Well, it was a pretty shitty year for us earthlings, but thankfully there’s always the music. ‘Sentimental people call it Inspiration,’ as Hunter S. Thompson used to say, ‘but what they really mean is Fuel.’ Music = Fuel, that certainly rings true for me. In 2017, I listened to about 560 albums — the most ever since […]

Rest in Pieces, Silverdome: A Final Look Inside the Abandoned Stadium

(scroll down for full slideshow) Embodying Detroit’s never-give-up-without-a-fight ethos ’til the bitter end, the Silverdome refused to go down last Sunday: Here is the failed #Silverdome implosion from SkyFOX — Sky Kerstein (@SkyKersteinFox2) December 3, 2017 People gathered from all over to witness the implosion of the once-biggest NFL stadium, abandoned since 2013, and […]