Whitney Houston’s Last Medley

[edit: a seemingly unlikely mashup for me, I know, but my girlfriend-at-the-time was a life-long fan and, well, since it was close to Valentine’s Day . . . here ya go.] Track list for “Whitney Houston’s Last Medley“: 01. “Run to You” (1993) 02. “How Will I Know” (1985) 03. “Greatest Love of All” (1986) […]

Shit People Say

A Chicago mashup for the meme . . . Source material, in order of appearance: 00:00-00:21 – Barack Obama 00:24-00:32 – John Belushi in The Blues Brothers (1980) 00:33-00:38 – Oprah Winfrey 00:38-00:44 – John Malkovich 00:44-00:47 – Richard M. Daley 00:47-00:48 – Jennifer Hudson 00:48-00:50 – Rod Blagojevich 00:50-00:52 – Hugh Hefner 00:52-00:56 – Bill Swerski’s Superfans on […]

The Most Influential People in the World

in·flu·ence [in-floo-uhns] noun: the power to be a compelling force on the actions, behaviors, opinions, etc., of others. Influence is one of those tricky, hard-to-quantify concepts, so I was fascinated to see the data behind 15 of “The Most Influential Cities” laid out so clearly across three glossy pages of infograph in the November 2011 issue […]