Introducing Video Menus for Donut Shops . . .


Hi, thanks for visiting.

I create visual content for social media, like this:

Recently I had an idea involving donuts

that I’m pretty excited about —

in short, to modernize online menus

with fun stop-motion animations:

It’s an ideal time for this

because we’re all connected & influenced

& persuaded on social networks

(especially when it comes to food).

And we have phones w/ HD screens

that fit into our pockets

(so now we prefer bite-size videos

over still photos and text).

And we all want donuts

that not only smell good

and taste good,

but look good, too.

So, when you combine all of this —

social networks, smartphones,
bite-size videos, & donuts

— into a new way to share menu items,

then everybody wins.