How Bite-Size Media Tackles Big Obstacles

The Company:

Exo uses cricket flour to make healthy, sustainable, kick-ass protein bars, and things are looking good — a). they’ve already created four delicious varieties with an award-winning gourmet chef (cacao nut, pb&j, blueberry vanilla, & apple cinnamon), b). there’s an increasing amount of data that supports their case for entomophagy, and c). it seems like just about everyone’s talking about them, from Buzzfeed to Forbes to Men’s Health to The New York Times.

The Problem:

Most Americans still think insects are gross (just like they thought sushi was gross not too long ago), which means using straightforward imagery of crickets to market Exo might stir cultural taboos and turn some potential customers off . . . So how do you still get the message across to a wider audience?

The Solution:

Create social content that playfully acknowledges cricket flour and positions Exo protein bars within a fun, familiar, engaging context:

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