Rest in Pieces, Silverdome: A Final Look Inside the Abandoned Stadium

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Embodying Detroit's never-give-up-without-a-fight ethos 'til the bitter end, the Silverdome refused to go down last Sunday:

People gathered from all over to witness the implosion of the once-biggest NFL stadium, abandoned since 2013, and they were sure bummed out when that didn't happen. But not as much as these Weather Channel producers shooting another stadium demolition in Atlanta last month, which is worth watching with the sound on:

Anyway, a second detonation finally laid the Silverdome to rest just one day behind schedule. RIP, Silverdome. 1975-2017.

Click on the photos below for a closer look inside. Some of these locations are also featured in my short film, Analog Music Armor. Sharing & comments are always appreciated -- thanks!

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